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Cercle Jean Moulin ®

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I hope you saw Vice President Joe Biden's email this morning.

Publié par cercle Jean Moulin sur 28 Janvier 2013, 15:24pm

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Gregory --

I hope you saw Vice President Joe Biden's email this morning.

In order to protect our children and our communities by reducing gun violence, he and President Obama need your help. The most important steps we can take will require congressional action. And Congress will only act if we all raise our voices to demand it.

Gregory, your voice in this couldn't be more important. Tell your members of Congress that you want to see decisive action on this issue.

Give them a call, let them know you support the President's plan, ask if your members of Congress are on board, then make sure you report back on the conversation.

It doesn't take long. Just call the switchboard operator at 202-224-3121.

If you're not sure who your members are, look up your representative here and your senators here.

Let us know how it went and who's on board right here:




-----Original Message-----
From: Joe Biden
Subject: President Obama is counting on you

Friend --

The President did something big last week.

He proposed a set of major reforms to help protect our children and our communities by curbing gun violence, and he's already announced 23 executive actions that will go a long way in helping keep our kids safe.

This is an important start -- but I have no illusions about what needs to be done and how difficult it will be.

Every step we intend to take will preserve the tradition of responsible gun ownership in our country and uphold the Second Amendment. And while we'll never end gun violence entirely, if we can save the life of even one child, then we have a responsibility to act.

This action includes not only what we can do, but what Congress can do. To make a real and lasting difference, they must act soon.

The President has called on Congress to act on four specific legislative measures: closing background check loopholes, banning military-style assault weapons and limiting high-capacity ammunition magazines, making our schools safer, and increasing access to mental health services.

Read more about the President's plan to reduce gun violence, and make sure you forward this to friends and family.

The President asked me to work with law enforcement, teachers, parents, sportsmen, Democrats, Republicans, faith leaders, mental health experts, and other organizations and individuals to come up with a set of concrete policy proposals. The plan he put forth is the product of those conversations and recommendations.

Right now, President Obama is counting on you.

Each one of us needs to speak up and demand action. It doesn't matter whether you live in a big city or a small town like Newtown, Connecticut. When our fellow Americans are victims of senseless violence, we all pull together as one American family.

Let's get this done, folks.

Whether the action we take saves one life or 1,000, it matters.

Thank you,


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